Coral Reef Cooler

Coral Reef Cooler Recipe

Let me just say, I came up with the name before thinking about the current oil spill crisis… so let’s just say this drink is in homage… (too soon?).

This all came about because of some delightful Absolut Mango Vodka I brought back from St. Thomas (for $9… I can’t say enough good things about shopping in the Virgin Islands) and the fresh Passion Fruit Juice Keith and I became obsessed with at Gladys’ Cafe in Charlotte Amalie.

I was tinkering around in the kitchen this weekend trying to find a suitable cocktail to assuage my rage at the billion degree heat… and I stumbled upon this gem.  I was lucky to be able to find passion fruit juice at the Amish Market, but realize it might not be so easily accessible for all.  I’m fairly confident pineapple juice would be an acceptable substitute.

WARNING: I make strong drinks that taste like nothing… be prepared for a “kick” after you’ve knocked one (or three) back.

Ingredients (makes one drink):

  • 2 oz Absolut Mango Vodka
  • 2 oz Passion Fruit Juice
  • 1 oz Ginger Ale
  • 2 lemon wedges (squeezed)
  • 1 lemon twist for garnish

What you’ll have to clean up afterward:

  • Martini Shaker (optional)

Step One: Combine vodka, passion fruit juice, and lemon juice in martini shaker and top off with ice.  Shake well. You could also just combine the same ingredients in a rocks glass and stir.

Step Two: Pour contents of shaker into martini glass (or rocks glass with ice) and top with ginger ale (you may use a little more than 1 oz).

Step Three: Garnish with lemon twist and serve.

-Eat Hearty!


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