Coca-Cola Glazed Meatloaf…WOW!

Go to meatloaf recipe (on The Hungry Southerner)

I really have to hand it to The Hungry Southerner Blog.  It’s rare I find any kind of recipe that rivals my grandma’s hamloaf (recipe to come)… but this meatloaf recipe just might.  Using Coca-Cola as a glaze is simply inspired. I can’t wait to make, and I had to share this with whomever would listen.


Thank’s Hungry Southerner!

-Eat Hearty!


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3 Responses to “Coca-Cola Glazed Meatloaf…WOW!”

  1. deepfriedsouth Says:

    No thank you as a reader for giving us a reason and the ideas to play with Southern ingredients! Thanks for helping us pass on Southern Traditions, and cooking secrets!

    -The Hungry Southerner

  2. Millie Cherryholmes Says:


    I’m making this today…..
    Grandma Millie

  3. deepfriedsouth Says:

    Let me know how it is, or what you do different!

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