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Who is Grandma Millie?

March 22, 2010

Just to clarify things.  I am not Grandma Millie.  My name is Kyle and I’m 26 living in NYC.

The obvious question:

“Kyle, why did you name your blog ‘Grandma Millie’ if, in fact, you are neither a Grandma nor named Millie?”

I’m glad you asked.

Millie on the Slopes

Example of Millie Coolness: Skiing at 70--

Who is Grandma Millie? My grandmother.  I grew up cooking with my Gma from the age of .5 (I have pictures playing with cookie dough as a toddler).  I would be thrilled if — at age 70something — I am as inquisitive, adventurous, and generally cool as my Grandma Millie.

Why the blog? As I said above, I grew up cooking with Grandma — some of my best memories happened in a kitchen (I’ll probably share more than one in this blog), but once I started college I became a big fan of the over-priced foodie restaurant… you can imagine what happened when I moved to NYC from Kansas.  Let’s just say the credit card got a lot of use, and the wardrobe went up a size.

Now that I’ve been in New York for a couple of years, and found a career I enjoy, I’ve taking up cooking (and more importantly BAKING) again.  I enjoy it in-and-of-itself, but more importantly I enjoy the challenge of making a tasty baked treat or home-cooked meal in my tiny apartment in Hell’s Kitchen.  Successfully baking a cake, cookies, etc. in an over that looks like a Fisher Price toy brings a feeling of triumph I can’t even begin to describe.

So I want to share the experience.  I find myself teaching my friends how to make simple, quick and [somewhat] healthy meals all the time, and so I thought “why not put the recipes online and provide some easy to understand instructions.”

So that’s what this is… me sharing my recipes and maybe a story or two in an effort to get more young professionals out of the bistros and into the kitchen… at least a couple times a week.  If your grandmas are HALF as thrilled about you cooking for yourself as mine is, it’ll be well worth it.

I’m not a chef. Nor am I a nutritionist. With those things in mind, I hope you enjoy.  Eat Hearty! 🙂